TF Attractive mesh in a Ziptrak screenVALMEX TF Attractive FR Interior Ceiling ShadingSuitable for outdoor and indoor use - VALMEX® TF Attractive FRVALMEX® TF Attractive FR

Mehler TF Attractive FR

Whether inside or outside, TF Attractive is an eye-catcher in the field of PVC mesh and roller blinds. This range of PVC mesh appeals with its exclusive weave pattern, giving the material its unique ‘blown’ look. The structure is interspersed with openings and thus ensures shading on one side and light transmission on the other.

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VALMEX® Lodge Deluxe FR PVC used for a luxury shade sail - courtesy of ThorntreeVALMEX® Lodge Deluxe FR PVC used for glamping huts - courtesy of ThorntreeGreen School using Mehler Lodge DeLuxe FR PVC in NZVALMEX® Lodge Deluxe FR PVC used for a luxury shade sail - courtesy of Thorntree

Mehler Lodge Deluxe

High value PVC textiles for lodges, glamping and pergolas, with the look of natural fibre. With an attractive colour palette in sophisticated creams and browns, this high-end product is suitable for many applications including luxury lodges, glamping and pergolas.

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Z16 Shade Cloth - Merivale Masterpiece by ShadePlus


As one of Australasia’s most popular shade cloth fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R protection and quality. Z16 shade fabric is imported and distributed in New Zealand exclusively by Rainbow Shade NZ.

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Extreme 32 (E32) is a heavy-duty shade cloth specifically designed for large scale shade sail and structure installations that require high strength and stability. Due to its monofilament and tape construction Extreme 32 not only performs excellently in harsh conditions but also provides impressive UVR protection (up to 95.8%).

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Mehler Textiles used for Coolum Beach Hotel Architectural Shade StructureMehler Valmex FR580 PVC on custom frame structureMehler Valmex FR580 PVC for stylish poolside shadeMehler FR580 Used in Residential Carport Structure

Mehler FR-580

The versatile PVC solution – manufactured to the highest standards. From highly translucent to fully opaque, from light to heavy, from white to black, from pagoda to two-storey tent system and from commercial tent to circus tent, everything is possible with VALMEX®.

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Curved Ziptrak Clear PVC Installation for Brick Bay Wines by Cool Awnings NZ


Ziptrak® is recognised as the best track-guided spring-operated outdoor screen system on the market. Having distributed Ziptrak® for over 10 years with a strong supplier relationship we know this product intimately and can help you get the best out of it.

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Fidlock Snap Magnetic Buckle NZFidlock SliderFidlock Snap Magnetic ClaspFidlock Snap Magnetic Buckle NZ


The Fidlock principle brings together the advantages of magnetic fasteners and mechanical locks. The result is a whole new dimension in terms of functionality, safety and fun. Rainbow Shade is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Fidlock technology for New Zealand.

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DRiZ Waterproof Shade FabricA waterproof shade sail in NZ using our DriZ fabricDRiZ Waterproof Shade FabricDRiZ Waterproof Shade Fabric


DRiZ all-weather shade fabric is a high quality, waterproof shade cloth fabric used for suitable residential and light commercial shade sails and structures. The fabric consists of a high-density polyethylene knitted shade cloth (our Z16), specialised with a low-density polyethylene laminated coating. Ideal when you seek the light look of shade cloth yet require protection…

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