SolarSmart™ Solar-powered Automation

The greener, smarter way to automate your Screens and Awnings!

SolarSmartTM is the most advanced technology in solar-powered awning and screen automation in Australasia. SolarSmart™ is independent of mains power, harnessing the sun’s energy through solar cells into a concealed battery, which in turn powers the tubular DC motor. Sophisticated electronics manages the charging and energy preservation of the battery system. Specialised wireless remote controls make operation a breeze.

This new, green technology

  • reduces energy costs on powered screens and awnings
  • is quick and easy to install
  • eliminates the need for 240V hard wiring
  • is available with either 20 or 35Nm motors

SolarSmart™ Introduction – Solar Panel Positioning

For more information please refer to the attached SolarSmart™  brochure or

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