SIMU Automation Accessories

Simu Hz Remote Controls

SIMU’s automation and Hz technology has proven itself over decades and is recognised globally for its reliability in radio remote control motorisation.

Programming of motors and remotes is ultra-simple – instructions are available in written form and via videos.

In addition to stylish and ergonomically designed wall- mounted  hand-held  remotes in single channel and 5 channel options, SIMU offers an attractive wall-mounted remote control unit. 16 channel remotes can be sourced for those big projects.

Simu Windy Hz

Ideal for exposed areas, Windy Hz protects awnings from damage by causing them to retract automatically during high wind. Attached to the front bar of the awning, Windy Hz detects lateral, horizontal and vertical movement of the awning and, above a set threshold, activates the motor to wind the awning in. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, Windy Hz is easy to instal and programme.

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The EOSUN Hz sun and wind sensor manages the opening and closure of awnings, giving protectin to both the awning and the home. It interacts freely with Simu’s Hz motors and requires no hard wiring.

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