The most effective moisture preventer on the market’

Problem with moisture causing mildew and odours under the foam mattress in your motor home, caravan or boat? Don’t lose sleep over it!  Get Hypervent!  It is:

  1. Practical  - it prevents dampness forming under foam mattresses in boats, motor homes, caravans, aeroplanes, and even at home!
  2. A breath of fresh air – made from a spun polymer woven into a large breathable matrix on fabric approximately 20 mm thick.
  3. A magic matrix  - which is 95% open, allows warm air to circulate between the mattress and its base and thus prevents condensation.
  4. Excellent durability – it will outlast most foam mattresses.
  5. Easy to use-  it is easily cut to shape using scissors and is virtually maintenance free.
  6. Versatile – Hypervent comes in 1 metre widths and can be ordered cut to any length.  Applying adhesive to the  50mm fabric overhang allows multiple pieces to be easily joined, to create  whatever size you require.

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