SIMU Tubular Motors & Automation Products

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SIMU is the fabricator’s choice for the automation of awnings, outdoor screens, blinds and roller shutters.

SIMU was founded in France in 1952 and developed the tubular motor in 1959, well ahead of any competitor. With a reputation for technological innovation, high quality design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and reliability it’s no wonder the professionals prefer SIMU – more than 10 million SIMU motors are in constant use world-wide.

All SIMU motors are still fabricated in France and are ideal for

  • retractable awnings
  • external blinds and Ziptrak patio screens
  • internal blinds
  • roller shutters
  • home cinema projection screens.

Rigorous testing ensures SIMU motors have the industry’s lowest failure rate – backed by a 5 year warranty.

SIMU Motor Options

Simu offers a complete range of high-performance tubular motors, either for direct control or control via SIMU’s renowned Hz remote-control radio technology. Motors come in 35, 50 and 60mm diameter and range in power from 3 Nm to 120 Nm. Rainbow Shade is proud to stock a range of motors specifically for Ziptrak and other screen systems, lateral and spring-arm awnings as well as awning motors with a manual override function. These are supplemented by a range of adaptors and brackets and a series of remote controls.

Motor Diameter Nm / rpm Application
T5 E Hz


    10/17     20/17

Ziptrak® and other blind and screen systems
T5 Hz02 50mm

    25/17     35/17     50/12

Non-cassette Awnings
T5 ESP Hz 50mm

    35/17     50/17

Cassette awnings
T5 DMI Hz01 50mm

    25/17     50/12

Awnings; with manual override

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For more information on recommended motor and power choice

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