WATER PROOF shade fabric

“Stay cool and dry whatever the weather with DriZ”

DriZ all-weather shade fabric is a high quality, waterproof shade fabric. The fabric consists of a high density polyethylene knitted shade cloth, with a low density polyethylene laminated coating. Ideal when you seek the look of shade cloth yet require protection from rain.

The benefits of using DriZ in weather protection solutions include:

  1. Highest UV block and shade percentages in New Zealand – up to 99% UV Block, up to 97% Shade. independently tested and verified by the Queensland University of Technology
  2. Tried and proven – in large & small projects in Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Colour range – An exciting range of 15 crisp designer colours (click here to view colour range).
  4. Availability, service and supply – Large stocks held throughout the year with next day delivery North Island / 2 – 3 day delivery South Island.
  5. Quantities – Available as 33metre rolls or to your exact requirements in cut lengths, 3metre fabric width. Welding Service available on request.

We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the DriZ Fabrication Instructions and Customer Care Instructions by following the links below.

DriZ Fabrication Instructions - click here.

DriZ Fabric Customer Careclick here

DriZ Colour Rangeclick here.

DriZ Warranty - click here.

DriZ Manufacturing Guide - click here.



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