Barrier Netting

When safety comes first

From the same manufacturer as the award-winning Z16 architectural shade fabric comes this new and versatile safety barrier netting. It is:

  1. Safe – Ideal for keeping unwanted people from your work-site or channelling people-traffic down a desired path.
  2. Highly visibleKnitted from UV-protected HDPE monofilament and tape in highly visible orange and yellow to really be noticed.
  3. Unique - lightweight yet strong
  4. Good height1 metre high, means it is easily visible to heavy vehicle drivers
  5. Good design – its open pattern makes for minimal resistance to airflow.
  6. Easy to erect – convenient and light to store and transport
  7. Easy to secure – convenient draw-cords at top and bottom make for easy securing to stakes
  8. Roll Length:                50 metres by 1 metre high
  9. Roll dimensions:       45cm high by 20cm diameter
  10. Roll Weight:                2 kg

Click here to download Safety Barrier Netting brochure

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