Architectural structure fabrics

High Strength Fabric

Hiraoka’s architectural structure fabrics are high strength fabrics specifically designed for large architectural tension structures and frame or air supported structures.

Hiraoka architectural structure fabric provides the following:

  1. Strength and stylethe base cloth is woven from high tensile polyester yarn and is anti-wick treated. The flexible PVC coating is protected by Hiraoka’s unique PVDF-II surface finish which provides exceptional weathering resistance. The PVDF-II finish also resists dirt adhesion and protects against environmental pollutants. Click on below diagram to zoom in and see how this fabric works.

2. Light and elegant – Architectural Structure Fabrics feature superior translucency to provide high levels of natural light. This enhances the outdoor feel provided by these structures and maximises the impact of your architectural design. The high translucency will reduce the energy requirement for any lighting system and provides attractive luminosity at night.

3. EnduringHiraoka’s architectural membrane series with PVDF-II protection is designed to provide enduring beauty. Hiraoka have been supplying coated fabrics to some of the world’s harshest environments for over 30 years and are class leaders in the technology of UV stability and aging resistance. The superior weathering resistance is backed by industry-leading warranties up to 20 years.

4. Unrivalled protection - the technically advanced PVDF-II surface finish provides outstanding protection, both from dirt and the impact of UV radiation. Anti-wicking properties prevent the capillary action sucking moisture and other staining agents into the PVC base cloth to give the fabric long-lasting performance excellence and great looks.

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