Clearweave and Sunclear

Transparant PVC’s with a difference!


Clearweave SE-1055 is a reinforced clear PVC membrane designed for anywhere you need high light transmission and clear visibility yet a highly stable material.  Ideal for café blinds, tent and marquee walls/windows, machine covers, as well as factory and office partitions.

Clearweave as a reinforced clear PVC offers a number of benefits:

  • Even though Clearweave has a thickness of only .5mm, it has excellent dimensional stability and does not shrink like standard clear PVC
  • It has excellent FR values – AS1530.2 and AS1530.3 resuts are available
  • 204cm width reduces fabrication costs
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Easy handling compared with heavier clear PVC’s.

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Sunclear SA-4180 is a semi-transparent PVC-coated polyester fabric designed for structures that require high light transmission.  It has a PVDF top surface for dirt resistance and long life.  The bottom surface has an acrylic lacquer.

Sunclear incorporates a UV blocker in the coating to prevent transmission of UV light.

Due to Sunclear’s high tensile strength it is now possible to build membrane structures filled with the beauty of natural light!  Designed to provide outstanding performance and aesthetic beauty yet providing all the benefits you expect from robust structural PVC membrane fabrics,  Sunclear will maintain its attractive appearance for many years, even in the harshest environments.

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