104T Architectural PVC

Vibrant Colours that last!

Hiraoka 104T is an outstanding PVC fabric offering many built-in features that other fabrics simply don’t have. This means the Hiraoka 104T range of PVC’s will maintain its attractive appearance for many years, even in the harsh New Zealand conditions.

The 104T PVC is specifically designed for use on light structures such as modular tents, framed awnings, pergolas and fixed-frame umbrellas, as well as small tensions structures and shade sails.

Technical Features:

  1. Excellent dirt resistance and easy-clean:  The electrostatic charges developed by standard PVDF layers attract dirt and other particuar matter. Hiraoka’s new PVDF-II has a special fluorine layer on top of the PVDF to prevent such attraction and adhesion keeping the fabric clear of stains.
  2. Super-smooth surface:  Hiraoka 104T’s PVDF-II layer not only resists weathering and adhesion of dirt, it provides a super-smooth fabric surface for a superior appearance that also makes it easy to clean with a simple wipe. A very uniform coating thickness protects the high-tensile base cloth.
  3. Anti-wick treatment:  Hiraoka’s 104T range has a special anti-wick treatment to prevent capillary action drawing unwanted moisture and other staining materials into the base cloth thus preventing unsightly stains around fabric edges.
  4. Colour Stability:  Hiraoka’s advanced pigment technology provides unsurpassed colour stability allowing these fabrics to display their true colours for longer.
  5. UV Resistance:  Hiraoka has been supplying coated fabrics to the world’s harshest environments for over 30 years. This experience has resulted in products whose UV stability and resistance to aging is second to none, backed by extensive UV warranties.
  6. Fabric Decoration:  104T has excellent graphic adhesion with adhesive vinyl protected from shrivel and craze as is seen on some other fabrics.
  7. Flame Resistance:  Hiraoka 104T incorporates suitable fire retardant additives that ensure the fabric meets a range of international fire standards including those of New Zealand and Australia.
  8. Ease of fabrication:  The unique coating formulation allows excellent fabric seaming using all standard techniques (HF, wedge, hot air) with stable flat welds minus the puckering.
  9. Warranty:  Hiraoka’s 104T excellence of performance is backed by a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

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Colours available ex stock New Zealand: White,  Cream,  Putty,  Sand,  Grey,  Yellow,  Red, Burgundy,  Forest Green,  Reflex Blue,  Black.  Lemon and Terracotta available ex Melbourne

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