Ziptrak® training a success!

Ziptrak® training a success!

Last month Rainbow Shade NZ partnered with world leading Ziptrak® developers and owners Marc and Tony de Maaijer from Australia to host a training session for the New Zealand trade, held at the premises of local operators Douglas Innovation.

With a great turnout of more than 40 installers and suppliers from around the country, everyone took some learning away. While Marc presented the history and journey of development of the Ziptrak® products, Tony led an installation showing some of the tricks and best practice for installation of Ziptrak®. Along with giving attendees a new respect for Ziptrak®, attendees left with ideas for marketing, installation and how to better work with this innovative system.

The timing of the session worked well with the start of the 2019 OFPANZ Conference in Napier, allowing attendees to enjoy a great Hawke’s Bay lunch before starting the factory tours.

Tony de Maaijer from Ziptrak® Australia leading the installation training

Tony de Maaijer from Ziptrak® Australia lead the installation training.

Marc de Maaijer from Ziptrak® Australia shares marketing and sales tips

Marc de Maaijer from Ziptrak® Australia shares marketing and sales tips.

Attendees enjoy nibbles and networking after the Ziptrak® training

Nibbles and networking.

Marc and Tony were glad to be back in Hawke’s Bay at this event organised by Rainbow Shade and enjoyed the opportunity to support Ziptrak® customers and to follow up at the OFPANZ Conference.

The team from Rainbow Shade was thrilled that so many could attend making it well worth their while for the de Maaijer son and father team to make the trip over from Adelaide.

Rainbow Shade Director Pete Swinburn was pleased with the day and the organisation led by Grant Ford. “Along with having a great day, we heard great feedback from everyone from sales teams to the screen fabricators and installers. We hope that attendees feel welcome to let us know of other training that we could provide to support them in future.”

Feedback and ideas for future training can be directed to Pete, Grant and the Rainbow Shade team.

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