Concentrated Heat Reflection Damage

Concentrated Heat Reflection Damage

Window reflections may cause heat damage

There have been some recorded instances where artificial grass, vinyl siding and clear PVC screens have been melted or deformed due to amplified heat from concentrated heat reflection.

This occurs when the sun’s rays reflect off a surface and create a focal point amplifying the sun’s heat dramatically. This is something for installers to be aware of especially with clear PVC screens under laser-light roofing. This type of heat damage can also affect shade sails as well.

This can be caused by the reflection off:

  • Laser light roofing
  • Mirrors and Mirrored Surfaces
  • Stainless slides/Tables
  • Signs
  • Windows with Highly reflective coatings

Heat damaged artificial grass

What to Look for:

Particularly when replacing a shade sail, look for damage consistent with heat. If the item that is causing the damage is fixed (such as a sign), the damage will generally occur in a line. It is possible to have multiple lines such as the examples shown below.

The reason is that as the day progresses, the reflection moves. You will sometimes get multiple lines when the angle of the sun changes (much like seasons the sun will rise and set in a slightly different location). As with all heat damage, the fabric becomes brittle and hard around the affected areas.

Heat damaged shade sail

Heat damaged shade sails

This type of concentrated heat reflection is not covered under the fabric warranty. If the cause of the heat reflection is not removed from the area the damage will continue to occur, regardless of if a new shade sail is installed or not.

By identifying the cause of the heat damage prior to replacing a sail you can assist your customers to eliminate the cause and prevent future damage.

It is important to note that this kind of damage is not common with our fabrics, however we believe knowledge on this topic is valuable to our customers.

If we can assist with any questions, please feel free to email or talk to us.


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