Latest research: Coffee reduces skin cancer risk

Latest research: Coffee reduces skin cancer risk

Good news for all you coffee-drinkers….

… a recent study has shown that if you regularly indulge yourself with a good coffee, your chances of developing skin cancer are reduced.

Due to our great outdoor lifestyle and the reduction in the Ozone layer in the atmosphere above us, New Zealand has one of the world’s highest per capita incidences of malignant melanoma – so we want to share the good news!!  Latest research out says that people who drink regular cups of coffee have a 20% less chance of contracting skin cancer (

However we do recommend that you enjoy your carefully crafted brew in the protection of an equally well-crafted shade sail. And what better way to achieve great protection from the sun than with a shade sail made from our Z16 shade fabric. To celebrate this good news Rainbow Shade decided to come to the coffee party:

SPECIAL OFFER!  Till end of March only.

For the entire month of March 2015, with every order you place for 10 or more metres of Z16, we will send you a pack of great Hawke’s Bay boutique-roasted plunger coffee for your enjoyment (and protection!).

Rainbow Shade

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